Trinidad Espiritu Series No.1 Box of 20

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Trinidad Espiritu Box of 20Trinidad Espiritu

Trinidad Espiritu Box of 20

Belicoso, Gordo, Robusto, Toro

A return to the Age of Aquarius.

The late ‘60s and early ‘70s were a strange time to be alive, but a great time be a cigar fan. This era is referred to by some as the ‘golden years’ of tobacco, specifically in reference to the fantastic blends coming out of the Caribbean at the time. Now the iconic heritage brand Trinidad is pairing up with the great AJ Fernandez to produce a Nicaraguan puro reminiscent of the spirit of cigar excellence from those years, and they named it the Trinidad Espiritu.

The Trinidad Espiritu contains all Nicaraguan tobacco carefully blended to speak to the soul and hearken back to the delightful island cigars of yesteryear. The packaging is a true representation of vintage Caribbean culture, and the cigars are medium-full bodied and satisfyingly full in flavor. If you’re looking for rich, chewy flavors of pepper, citrus, vanilla, and toast in perfect harmony, you’ll want to grab a box of Trinidad Espiritu today. No time machine or passport required.